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Quality Montana German Shepherd Breeders


At Bridger Canyon German Shepherds, we strive to provide the best, top-quality German Shepherds in Montana and Colorado. Our puppies and dogs are bred with care, family-raised and are of top-quaility. Good breeding produces German Shepherd puppies that are beautiful and intelligent with a good disposition. We carefully choose a combination of dam and sire to get all three of these qualities.


German Shepherd puppy and mom


German Shepherd puppy


German Shepherd male


German Shepherd

We look beyond the breeding pair to their parents and also the litter mates.  We are looking for long term quality German Shepherd dogs.  Our clients vary from those who  request show quality, to guard or pet quality; but all puppies have excellent health, structure and temperament.  We deliver this consistently! Our German Shepherd breeding pair have hips that are certified good and all puppies hips are guaranteed.


None of our dogs are kenneled.  They are a special part of our family and we do not sell them after their breeding years are over.  Unlike most breeders, this is less of a business and more of a love and admiration of the German Shepherd breed.

Serving  Montana  & Colorado


 Marisa and Nero

(Dingo Wolf Village)

Ashton Haus German Shepherds

Litter arrived Oct 31, 2022

 1 Males, 3 Females

2 Females Available

1 Male Available


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