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Social, Happy, Engaging!

Our goal is to provide new puppy owners with a happy, healthy, and most importantly, a social puppy! We encourage people to continue this socialization and training by recommending Puppy Kindergarten or the equivalent and exposing puppies to many types of people, environments, and other animals. We encourage people to take their puppy with them whenever possible. Continued socialization results in a confident puppy that is a pleasure to own!

                             We Reserve the Right To Refuse the Sale of A Puppy To Any Person For Any Reason




3 Females, 2 Males

Born on St. Patricks Day

      March 17, 2023

Premium litter! Sieger Ursus von Batu on Dams side and 2x Sieger Willy vom Kuckucksland on Sires side. Parents both have Good Hips and are DM Free! Low to Medium Drive with Exceptional Temperaments

 Sorry, Litter Sold


Shayna 1_edited.jpg

Quality German Shepherd Puppies

Well-trained, Confident German Shepherd Puppies

All our puppies are handled on a daily basis from the time they are born. We begin stimulation exercises with them on day 3 and continue through day 16. These exercises were developed by the United States military in their breeding program. Their research has shown that these exercises result in a healthier and more social puppy.

Family Oriented

Unlike most breeders, our puppies come into our house at least once a day after they are moved to our outside kennel area. We want them to become familiar and comfortable with daily household sounds and sights, such as cats, other dogs, and TV. This results in a more confident dog that you're going to love!

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